Minutes of the VMC Meeting





Agenda Point

Brief Summary of agenda to be discussed


Motion of thanks

To Chairman VMC for the support in shifting, improving the infrastructure and guiding at regular intervals



Additional sections

Since the Vidyalaya has moved to the permanent building and considering the fact that the demand for admission has increased 3 fold the proposal to start an additional section from class I to Class V has been moved. Hon’ble Chairman VMC has written a DO letter to Commissioner KVS in this regard

The status of proposal was briefed. In all likelihood the school is going to have the additional section in a fortnight.


Posting of regular staff

Considering the lack of competent staff, parents had decided not to continue their wards for class XI and XII. Out of 36 staff sanctioned only 6 have been posted. Again, Chairman VMC has written a letter to Commissioner in this regard and in all likelihood the Vidyalaya will get new staff within a month

Members agreed in unison the pattern of staff posting was not in the academic interest of the students. Principal expressed that the Regional Office has assured posting during the current year.


Office staff for administrative support

Out of the two posts of Senior secretarial Assistant and Junior secretarial Assistant , only JSA has been posted and being a new hand he is unable to cope with the work. Further he is likely to be going out and hence a graduate with computer knowledge has been taken with the approval of the Chairman and the remuneration will be on the Minimum Wages Act of Delhi. It is proposed that the committee approve this appointment through the outsourcing Agency

The committee was briefed that there is no panel of JSA OR SSA and hence there is a dire need for appointment of a person.


Changes in examination pattern

CBSE has done away with CCE. Principal KV Bagalkot, having been subject expert for the last 3 years will be calling for a meeting of parents on Saturdays and brief them of the changes and ensure that the board results of class X this year will turn out to be exemplary and I, on behalf of my students assure you that there will be a landmark result making us all proud. The appeal here is that students need motivation from the esteemed people like you at a time convenient to you all.

The pattern was briefed to the committee and a request was made by the principal that members must find time to interact with the students of Class X

Class wise parent meeting is being conducted on every last working day of the month.

Furniture requirement

There has been a huge shortfall of furniture in the Vidyalaya. Shortage of students’ desks and benches. Furnishing of the Principal’s chamber, Computer labs and science labs and library lack the basic furniture requirement. We have received only two firms quoting a rate for student furniture. It is proposed to advertise the needs and draw suppliers from outside Bagalkot too, if need be.

The committee asked for the purchase procedure. But considering the transparency needed advised the Principal to go for newspaper tender notification since 5 more sections are coming up this year itself.


Lab equipment

As long as the school was in the temporary site, there was no laboratory at all and the students have never seen what a science lab looks like. Now we have empty laboratories which need to be augmented. Out of 11 queries sent to firms in Bagalkot and Hubballi only three have responded. A Comparative statement of them will be made and the necessary lab equipment will be purchased from the L1. Chairman is requested to nominate one or more members of this VMC to finalise this Lab equipment and furniture

A subcommittee, a local purchase is to be constituted to go through the process and recommend the purchase.


Development of sports facilities

The fields, as of now, are totally unfit for any games. Despite the shortcomings, the U 19 Kabbaddi boys playing in these grounds won all the league matches and lost in quarterfinals. Sports talent of the children has to be tapped. One student from this KV has been selected for the State football coaching school at Bangalore. The Vidyalaya proposes the following.


A long jump pit has been made which can be used as high jump and triple jump pit. Basic digging for a Kho-Kho ground and volleyball court are ready. But to make them playable we need sand. Chairman has directed PD DUDC to help us out for getting sand to fill these pits and make them playable

Same appliess to Children’s play park. We would like to have the Children’s play park in front of the campus which would give a good look to the school and a good learning ambience too.

We have some open space in the corridor that can be used for Table tennis. We invited quotations for a TT table and we have received the three minimum required. We, the staff, have decided to donate a robot for TT serving. Approval is needed for the purchase of TT table as per the procedure.

In the quadrangles within the campus we have set up ad hoc shuttle badminton courts .

Suggestions to improve are sought from all

The possibilities of getting slit were discussed. Chairman asked the principal to put up a separate note

for follow up.

The effort of the school to get JCB free for two days was presented. The LPC is asked to finalise the purchase of TT Tables.

Yet to be resolved

Development of Greenery

There is a Harith Vidyalaya programme launched by the Centre. We would like to make the campus Green..Thanks to parents like Prof Nagaraju of Horticulture University and that of Prof.Mrs Champa…steps are being taken. Suggestions and contributions in this regard are welcome.

The committee appreciated the effort of the parent member and advised the principal to go for more greenery keeping in mind the water availability.


Condemnation of the obsolete articles

Since the inspection of the school, there has not been a single act of condemnation. We have more of trash to carry on our back and the burden of the past is bending our backs and the Vidyalaya proposes to condemn all the old and obsolete articles. The recommendations of the committee on condemnation of articles of little value are placed before the VMC and the articles are kept in the next room for everyone’s inspection. After the resolution, KVS will be requested to permit condemnation, and articles such as small chairs for LKG/UKG students can be given to any school nearby as per the directives of Chairman VMC at any nominal rate. This applies even to computers.

The list of articles and the reasons for condemning were sought by the chair. The matter was discussed. It was agreed that condemnation should be on a periodical basis here

after. One of the major item in the Non computer department is the photocopier was irrepairable,a new one (Ricoh) had been purchased under DGS & D rates. Chairman enquired if efforts were made to repair the same. It was briefed that despite efforts the machine could not be repaired.


Installation of CCTV camera and LAN For the computers.

We have received 3 quotations for CCTV camera installation and LAN for the computers on campus. The quotations will be scrutinized by a committee, so appointed by this VMC, and finalize, and if need be advertise in newspapers, since it would involve a lot of financial implications.

The LPC will go through the closed tender received and if found suitable will present to chairman. If the rates are on higher side, the school must go for newspaper notification. The committee also pondered on the funds needed and advised the Principal to seek funds from Regional office.


Construction works

Though the Vidyalaya has seen bad days, we have moved on to good days now under the chairmanship of our honourable Deputy Commissioner but we have to move on to better days. Additional class room construction ( if the additional sections are approved ) and additional staff quarters are  needed. If approved by the committee, the Vidyalaya will take up the matter to upgrade the Vidyalaya building.


Keeping the growth of the school in mind, suitable construction agency may be approached. It was the opinion that the regional office may be asked to forward the proposal to upgrade the school.

Proposal had been sent and waiting for the approval.

Power Crisis

The Vidyalaya has been built with the traditional power plans and as such needed a 92 KvA transformer which is costing us a monthly minimum of Rs.35000/- . If the transformer is of low capacity, it would save more than 50 % provided

1.       LED lights replace the traditional bulbs and tube lights. Is there any way to get LED Lights replace the existing ones without financial burden to the school?

2.       We have a vast roof area. Is there a chance of tapping the solar potential


Yet to be resolved

Medical Exams

Medical examination of the kids at school is a must to keep a health record. However, we cannot afford large funds. Is it possible to tap NGOs or District Medical Officer to offer a help in this regard?

Chairman instantly agreed to the proposal and asked the principal to put up a separate note for the administration to take it up with District Health Authorities.

Medical check up has been conducted as per the norms of the KVS.

Water and sanitation

Safe Drinking water and sanitation certificates are to be submitted to CBSE. It is a certificate given by the local administration. However, the vidyalaya is unable to get the certificate despite DC’s initiatives to give RO Plant and the building was constructed after approval from BTDA for sewerage and drainage

The matter is a simple case and should have got over. Chairman assured that a word will be put to BTDA for the same.


Financial condition of the school

The school gets the Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi (fund for school development ) of only Rs.12,35,390 per quarter.. But the regular expenditure happens to be

1.     Contractual teachers’ salary 8,55,000

2.     Housekeeping and security Rs.3,18,543

3.     Electricity bill 1,05,000

The total is 12,78,543…Presently since we are a small school, we are getting the contractual teacher salary from KVS and KVS has said that,this has to borne out of VVN alone. Financial Prudence demands reducing the expenditure to ensure that the best is provided to our children


This was deliberated upon quite elaborately. It was the opinion of all the members present that either KVS has to post the teachers or pay the salary to the contractual teachers irrespective of the student strength. Members expressed the fact that the credibility of KV will be lost, if it lacks funds for even day to day functioning.

Funds has been sanctioned from KVS RO BGR in time .Hence problem is resolved.

Purchase of computers

At DGS & D rates orders will have to be placed and KVS regional office may be asked to provide funds for the purchase and also for Online UPS for the Vidyalaya.

Since DGS & D accepts quotations only through GeM all efforts must be made to procure to Gem. The funds required for the purchase needs to be obtained from KVS RO.

Yet to be resolved