Annual Report




Honourable Chief guest of the day, Colonel F.F.Anklesaria, 37NCC Battalion Bagalkot; revered Guest of honour, Shri C.S.Phulekar, Divisional traffic officer NWKRTC-Bagalkot division; respected members of the Vidyalaya Management Committee, distinguished guests, parents , ladies & gentlemen:

A very pleasant good evening to everyone present here. I feel, really honoured and over-whelmed to stand before such an Augustus gathering to present the Annual Academic Report for the session 2014-15 on the occasion of VIII Annual Day Celebration of my vidyalaya.

I really feel delighted and motivated due to this wonderful and huge gathering and hence the positive vibes are encouraging me to present the achievements and progress of my vidyalaya.

To begin with, Bagalkot district was formed in 1997 and today it has taken its stand as a major centre of trade, commerce, education and industries.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Bagalkot was started under Civil Sector during the academic year 2007-2008. At present, Vidyalaya is functioning in a temporary accommodation of Old Govt.School building about 5kms away from Bagalkot city at Shigikeri cross in a serene atmosphere near Badami road. World famous temples of Badami, Aihole, Pattadkal, Lal Bahadur Shastri Reservoir(Almatti dam) of Chalukya dynasty are just within the radius of 30kms from K V Bagalkot.

K V Bagalkot has grown in strength and structure from time to time. Endeavouringto be an embodiment of excellence, curricular and co-curricular activities are in tune with the vision of KVS. Hence, the Annual Academic Report provides a panoramic view of the activities, progress and development made by our Vidyalaya.


Ť BOARD RESULTS: The vidyalaya has produced an impressive record of cent percent pass results in class X CBSE examination 2014. Out of 39 students in class X, one student scored 10 CGPA. Master Sujit was the topper in class X with 10 CGPA.


Ť VACANCY POSITION/STAFF STRENGTH: Due to Inter and Intra Regional transfers, few teachers were transferred and a few joined the KV Bagalkot family.

Mr.Shailendra Yadav(PRT), Mrs.Shashikala(TGT, Hindi), Mr.R.A.Wale(TGT, WE), Mr.Pramod Kumar(LDC) and Mr.R.P.Rao(TGT, English) were been transferred to various places as per their request. At the same time, Mr.Prem Ming(TGT, Librarian) and Mr.Prashant Ratna(PRT, Music) joined the KV Bagalkot family during the session. Vidyalaya also appointed Part-time contractual teachers against the available vacancies by conducting walk-in-interviews as per the KVS norms.


Ť EFFORTS MADE FOR THE RESULT OF CLASS X, 2014-15: More efforts are put up to get qualitative and quantitative results in class X, this year. Effective measures are been taken by the teachers, such as timely completion of syllabus, extra classes during the vacations, remedial classes, frequent examinations, effective PTA meetings to get the higher marks and grades to achieve the target of 100% success.

Ť CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES/COMPETITIONS: Co-scholastic activities not only groom the inherent talent of the child but also give them extra edge and confidence to move ahead in the competitive world. The entire school is divided into Shivaji, Tagore, Ashoka and Raman. A number of inter-house competitions and activities were held mainly to promote mass participation. The winners are being awarded today.




1)    Investiture Ceremony was held for both primary and secondary sections in the month of July,2014. Thereafter, Student Council was constituted to enable the students to participate and help in the Vidyalayaís progress and development.

2)    Independence day and Republic day were celebrated with great zeal and honour by arranging colourful cultural programme, along with the sweet distribution.

3)    Teachersí day was also celebrated by upholding all the values. Class X students enacted the teacherís role, among which the best student-teacher was selected. Students had also organized various games like throw-ball,volley-ball and treasure-hunt for the teachers, which really took the teachers back into their student-life.

4)    Grand-parents day was celebrated in the month of October, to make the grand-parents understand their importance in this education system. Various games werealso been arranged for them.

5)    Childrenís day and Bal-diwas were also celebrated with huge enthusiasm and high spirit as per the KVS norms.

6)    Educational tour is been planned in the month of February for both primary and secondary classes.


Ť CLUBS AT WORK: Various clubs have been constituted during the academic-session like Eco club, Science club, Gardening club, Social-Science club, Art club, Music/Dance club, Mathematics club, nature club, Heritage club, Integrity club and Literary club to bring out the innate talent and to polish the skills of the students. As per the need and interest of the students, they were allotted various clubs and many activities were conducted by the Incharge teacher.




1)    Aishwarya Pujar(IX std.) secured I position at cluster level Social-Science Exhibition in Hindi debate held at K V NO.2 Belgaum.

2)    Umar Farooq(VIII std.), Siddu Pattar(IX std.), Shrilaxmi(VII std.), Tasmiya (IX std.), and Balchandra(VIII std.) secured I position in Hindi skit at cluster level Social-Science Exhibiton and II position at Regional level Social-Science Exhibiton.

3)    Girish(IX), Prithvi(X), Veeranna(IX), Ganga(X), Prathamesh(X), Triveni(X), Mikhil(X), Aishwarya(X), Vijay(X), Karuna(X) and Mounesh(IX) secured III position in cluster level group dance competition under Social-Science Exhibition.

4)    Pradeep(IX) & Prateek(X) bagged II position in quiz competition at cluster level Social-Science Exhibition.

5)    Samarth Walikar(VI) got selected in State Level Poster Competition conducted by Power Finance New Delhi.

6)    Kartikeya Hunagund(X) successfully completed Rajya Puraskar at KV Ottapalam of Ernakulum region.




1)    Mr.Guruprasad and Mrs.Devaki have completed successfully their 2nd Inservice course at K V NO.2 Vasco,Goa. Whereas, Mr.Anil Dahiya recently completed his first Inservice at K V Gwalior.

2)    Mr.Jai Singh and Mrs.Sheereen S. are been certified as Nodal teachers for Adolescent Education Programme conducted at K V Karwar.

3)    Mr.Guruprasad, Mrs.Devaki & Mrs.Sheereen had attended the 15 days workshop of CPPDPT programme for the professional growth of primary teachers.


Ť The Vidyalaya had its Panel Inspection, by the Inspection team from KVS RO Bangalore. And there is no wonder that the hardwork of K V Bagalkot was rated as V.Good by the members of Panel Inspection team.


Ť CONCLUSION: The pursuit of excellence of K V Bagalkot can be summed up through asmall poem, which goes like this:

If you canít be a pine on the top of the hills,

Be a scrub in the valley-but be,

The best little scrub by the side of the rill.

Be a bush, if you canít be a tree.

We canít all be captains, we have got to be crew.

Thereís something for all of us here.

There is big work to do and thereís lesser to do.

And the task we must do is near.

If you canít be a highway, then just be a trail.

If you canít be the sum, be a star.

It is not by the size that you win or fail-

Be the best of whatever you are.


Hencewith the joint efforts, co-operation and positive involvement of Ďyouí and Ďusí, would definitely help our futures to prosper, to be strong and to be a productive part of the society.


Jai Hind